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What is the DDG Season Points Series?

To encourage membership and participation we've come up with the season points play for Danvile Disc Golf members. It's pretty simple, you will receive points based upon if you play and how you play. At the year end members only tournament, you'll be able to use your points to inflict harm on your competitors or use them for your own person gain. Learn more about our membership here.It's awesome, keep reading.

You can earn points by attending our January and February monthly events without becoming a member, BUT, you will only retain those points if you become a member by our March 4, March Maddisc Touranment. If you do not become a member by March 4, you will lose all points earned from January and February events. If you join after March, your points will begin when you join. This gives you the option to try it out, see if you like what we're doing at Danville Disc Golf.

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Points will be distributed as such:

Play a points event - 10 points
Birdies - 3 points
Aces - 10 points
Eagles - 6 points (JUST ADDED)
Win the CTP - 5 points
Lowest Round - 5 points
Best Score on the Highlight Hole - 3 points
Win Bag Tag Challenge (if challenged) - 5 points
Win (if tied lowest score) - 3 points

Season ending tournament points options may be (points currently undecided):

Add a stroke to an opponent
Take a stroke off your score
2 for 1 - Throw twice, counts as one
Make a card mate play the blue tee on a hole
Remove a disc or mold from an opponents bag
and more

A portion of each monthly doubles and singles entry fees will go towards awards and payout at this year end member only event. For example, random doubles is $5 entry. $3 goes to payout that day, $2 goes to the club. $1 of that will go to the year-end tournament. If we have 15 events with 10 people per event, that would be $150 in awards just for members. So if you're a member, you'll have a chance to win that payout. Non-members can still play every event but are essentially throwing away their money. So become a member. Just makes sense doesn't it?