You can also pay your membership in person at any Danville Disc Golf Event

Current Members

Ashly Barrows
John Barker
Todd Bouchard
Julie Cook
Joesph Dean
John Dodd
Ryan Eman
James Evans
Joe Frakes
David Hankins
Jerod Hannold
Andrew Joyce
Justin Keatts
Terry Lambert
P. Michael Miller
Marlon Roach
Robert Schasse
Duke Shelton
Brandon Sherrill
Rogers Stansberry
Ken Tyburski
Kevin Tyburski
Geroge Waller

What is a Danville Disc Golf Memberships purpose


The main purpose of the membership is to grow the sport of disc golf within the Danville and surrounding areas. The more players playing disc golf in the area, the more potential there is for growth. It's also much easier to pass the word to coworkers or friends if there is an organized body hosting events and love the sport (which we do!). With more members there are also more players seen on the local courses which encourages local businesses and conversation about growing the sport. Tapping into players that are unaware of the sport of disc golf is also key to growing the sport in the area and organization is key.


Supporting a local organization is also key to getting things moving in the right direction. Having a governing body having support of an increased number of players will only grow the options for tournaments and events in the area, hence growing the sport. It also supports the players with their skill growth personally. The support also comes from the community which we're honored to have partnerships with Danville Parks & Recreation, Me's Burgers and Brews, as well as additional companies that are coming forward.


Having more players and a structure to play will bring the spark of competition to the sport. This competition only makes us better as disc golfers. You may love playing for fun, but it is always more fun when you're getting better at the sport and shooting better scores. We believe competition brings that out.


Let's be honest, it's also about having some stuff. Pretty simple point. Not much else to say. Speaking of stuff: